The reasons for the ups and downs of the auto parts market


When we estimate the required amount of accessories, we must pay full attention to the decline in the consumption of bicycles due to the improvement of product quality, changes in user management and consumption concepts. It is impossible for us to imagine that by the end of this century, China’s car ownership will reach 10 million. According to the consumption quota in 1979, it will consume 17 billion yuan in repair parts every year. The cost of bicycle repair parts in the United States (including accessories, purchase of tools, decorations, etc.) is about $20 per year.

Forecast of the growth rate of auto repair parts. Throughout the “Seventh Five-Year Plan” period, the annual net increase in car ownership (the current year’s output plus the number of imported cars minus the number of scrapped vehicles) averaged about 450,000. Maintenance parts need to increase by about 380 million yuan each year, and the national auto parts company’s system market share is 60, an annual increase of about 230 million yuan. Therefore, the pure sales of repair parts are about to increase every year. 8. The price factor. In 1986, the state made significant adjustments to the prices of mandatory plans for non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, tin, and zinc. Therefore, there will be a substantial increase in the price of a considerable part of the accessories this year. According to the forecast of Shanghai Auto Parts Company, the average price of repair parts this year will increase by about 5 than the average price in 1986. Two factors that affect the instability of the auto parts market. Assemble the car. Assembled cars from 1984 to 1985 caused the auto parts market to overheat. After the state intervention in the second half of 1985, the market fell sharply.

Since the beginning of this year, many regions have reported that the wind of loading cars is on the rise. Correction of Pinyanong Han Prison: The fundamental reason for installing a car is that the price of the car is too high. A BJ130 car sells for 23,000 yuan, but it only costs 17,000 yuan to assemble one. As the country’s policy on assembled vehicles is tight and loose, the parts market fluctuates from time to time.

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