The reform presupposition of driving the vehicle’s secondary spring system at full speed

Comparison of the axial stiffness The bearing capacity of the combined spring P=P1+P2=(Gd18c3n1+Gd28c3n2) F=134.94F The bearing capacity of the original cylindrical spring P=Gd28c3n2=93.3F The axial stiffness of the combined spring The axial stiffness of the original spring= 134.94F93.3F=1.446, so the axial stiffness is obviously improved.

Comparison of lateral stiffness and bending stiffness The lateral stiffness of a single spring can be calculated by the following formula: Pr=Ed48nD32<1+43(HD2)2(2+L)>F The bending stiffness of a single spring can be calculated by the following formula: M=Ed416D2nH(2 +L) Fr is the combined spring axial stiffness. The original spring axial stiffness=d41D2n2H+d42D1n1Hd42D1n1H=1.225 This ratio shows that the improved combined spring has a greater increase in stiffness in all directions.

Improvement of the secondary spring The secondary spring is located between the bogie and the carriage. After the locomotive speeds up, the increase in the exciting force makes the secondary spring’s lateral stiffness low and its anti-resonance ability poor. For this reason, when it is ensured that the weight of the car body is not increased, the characteristics of the spring are changed by changing the shape of the spring. According to relevant data <1>, it is proved that the characteristic curve of a general cylindrical compression spring is approximately a straight line, the stiffness is stable, the structure is simple, and the manufacture is convenient. However, the spring is mainly along the axial direction, the transverse shear and bending rigidity is very poor, and the anti-resonance ability is poor. The reduced-diameter spiral conical compression spring has a gradually increasing characteristic curve, that is, the stiffness gradually increases, which is beneficial to eliminate or ease resonance, and has a compact structure and good stability.

concluding remarks

The design of the primary and secondary spring systems of high-speed electric locomotives plays a key role in the running quality of the entire locomotive. By improving their design, the exciting force generated during high-speed operation of locomotives can be greatly reduced, and the lateral stiffness and axial stiffness can be increased, thereby realizing active control of resonance of locomotives during high-speed operation and improving the safety of locomotive operation. Sex and stability.

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