To ensure that the vehicle is effectively maintained under the state of the diagnostic system

The requirements for the reliability of vehicle equipment should be determined according to the conditions of ensuring safety or the conditions of cost optimization during vehicle equipment manufacturing and operation. When designing a new type of passenger locomotive by the “Main Line” Vehicle Manufacturing and Design Bureau Joint Stock Company, it used to ensure the reliability of the vehicle equipment from the perspective of ensuring safety, especially the safety of the system that has an impact on the determination of the continuous working failure-free rate index. The level was assessed. The control system and the diagnosis system have become the first step in the use of automatic data detection. They are used to provide continuous detection and assessment of the technical status of the vehicle equipment, and are used to provide analysis and transmission from the running train to the fixed station of the technical maintenance. Information about equipment failure and damage. It should be pointed out that the use of instrumental detection is the best method in some cases, for example, when tracking some fast-changing damage tendency process, because the process of detection may have to be continuous.

In order to ensure the effective maintenance of the vehicle under the condition of the diagnostic system, it must have the function of automatically predicting the failure of the bogie, automatic coupler, and braking device. In order to solve these problems, new diagnostic techniques should be researched and adopted. For example, in order to detect the status of brake shoes, many foreign companies use video monitors to transmit information to electronic computers. The method of using perspective to discover and detect the expansion of cracks belongs to the acoustic emission method, which is based on the principle of measuring sound radiation to form oscillations at the cracks, and has been successfully applied in many sectors of the machinery manufacturing industry. As pointed out above, not all damage to the vehicle equipment system will lead to the failure of the entire vehicle. Therefore, the choice of reliability level and maintenance method is suitable for the result of implementing the total cost * reduction. See the procedures for selecting equipment technical management and maintenance methods.

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