What are the functions of GPS vehicle positioning system?

What are the functions of GPS vehicle positioning system? The GPS vehicle positioning system implements tracking of one or more designated vehicles. With the movement of the vehicle, the electronic map can be automatically zoomed, so that the target always falls in the window, and the vehicle is tracked according to the tracking priority at the set time interval. Intuitive movement trajectory.

At present, the GPS system has been connected to the whole country and connected with 110 of public security agencies in various places. Even if the vehicle leaves the jurisdiction, as long as it is within the network coverage, it can get timely service. You will receive an alarm at ** time. After receiving the alarm, the monitoring center informs the staff on duty through sound and light alarm, and moves the alarm vehicle to the center of the screen, and displays the coordinate location, attributes, pictures, isomorphism category, occurrence time, etc. of the alarm vehicle to help the police deal with it .

What are the functions of GPS vehicle positioning system?

(1) Query now

After the monitoring center issues an immediate command, the GPS terminal uploads the location information (including longitude, latitude, azimuth, speed, number of satellites, etc.) and status information of the vehicle, person or pet in time.

(2) Remote tracking

The monitoring center can set the GPS terminal on the monitoring software for timing tracking settings, and can set a fixed time to upload the location information and status information. Once the setting is successful, the GPS terminal will upload the requirements of the monitoring center in time according to the instructions issued by the monitoring center Information.

(3) Urgent help

When a driver or an individual wearing a GPS terminal encounters a special situation, he can ask the monitoring center for help through the emergency button. Once the monitoring center receives a distress order, the monitoring center staff can provide assistance or notify the police for assistance.

(4) Historical track playback function

In the historical track playback, the GPS positioning system can check where the vehicle, person or pet is located on a certain day in the historical information, and which route is taken. What is the state of the vehicle at that time, etc.

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