How to quickly deal with the fogging of car front windshield

“The weather is getting cold. A few days ago, it was raining, damp and cold, and the front windshield was foggy. I was panicked.” Miss Guo, who lives in Jiaojiang, just bought a car and has to drive to Luqiao to work every day. Faced with this old problem that seriously affected driving safety, she was at a loss. “I had to turn on the air conditioner and blow on the glass. But when I turned on the air conditioner on a cold day, I would catch the cold as well. This is no good.”
The reporter learned that the reason for the fogging of the car windows is “heating inside and cold outside”. When the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car is large, the water vapor exhaled by the occupants of the car will condense into water vapor when it encounters the cold glass. This is an old problem, but not a small one. Once the line of sight is blocked, accidents may occur within a few seconds. Therefore, defogging is essential in cold rainy days.
The day before yesterday, the reporter interviewed Mr. Han with 5 years of driving experience, Coach Lin from Wanli Auto School, and Master Su from Shunfeng Auto Repair Shop on the issue of "fogging in the front", and summarized three methods with higher usage rates for comparison.
*The original method: wipe with a dry cloth or paper towel
advantages: immediate results
Disadvantages: laborious, unsafe, leaving marks after rubbing
*The original method is to wipe the glass directly with a dry cloth. Many citizens must have seen this kind of scene: the old drivers always keep a towel and wipe the glass when they stop at a red light. The disadvantage of this method is that it is more laborious, there will still be traces on the glass after wiping, and it will soon become foggy. If you wipe while driving, it is easy to cause an accident. Netizen Uranus1126 said that on the first rainy day after he picked up the car, he in the passenger seat helped the driver's wife wipe the glass, “but I still scratched with another car afterwards.”
*Convenient way: blow with hot air
Advantages: No need to distract
Disadvantages: the effect is slow, and the rest of the car windows are still foggy
The second method is to blow directly with hot air. However, this method works relatively slowly, and when the hot air is turned on when the vehicle is moving, the fog on the front glass is getting bigger and bigger, and the glass will gradually become clear after waiting for more than ten minutes. The netizen “The first opportunity in the park” suggested that the hot air should be turned on immediately after the car is warmed up. At the beginning, use a “high temperature” above 25°C to blow first, and then slowly lower the temperature after the fog disappears, and control it to around 22°C.
*Creative method: detergent with dry cloth
Advantages: Good prevention effect
Disadvantages: to be dealt with in advance
The owner of the car, Mr. Han, is very happy to accept new things. Regarding the issue of “defogging in cold weather”, he collected a lot of materials on the Internet and tried the method of “dishwashing detergent with dry cloth”, and the effect was not bad. Choose a sunny day, mix the kitchen detergent with water (about 1:6), spread it evenly on the glass in the car with a sponge, and wipe it off with a dry cloth after it dries, leaving no traces. Under normal circumstances, the effect can last for half a month.
After-sales staff Huang Baohua told reporters that this method is feasible because the detergent contains surfactants, which can change the surface tension of the water and make the fog droplets quickly condense into large water droplets, which can have an anti-fogging effect. “However, this is a preventive measure and must be dealt with in advance. If you wait until fogging is found, it will be too late.” Huang Baohua said.

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