“Registration Measures” to promote the development of the automobile market

The research report of the automobile registration method is reported by the Policy Research Association of China Automobile Manufacturers Association. Among them, the motor vehicle registration certificate with the function of the property right certificate can not be carried with the car, so in principle, it is not possible to conduct reselling fraud. This will not only reduce the car rental price, but also relieve the worries of many companies that want to start a car rental business, which is conducive to the development of the car rental industry. The Association of Automobile Manufacturers or the Association of Automobile Manufacturers will provide compensation to the demanders. The information is provided by the traffic control department for a fee. The “Registration Measures” laid a solid foundation for this statistical work.

Conducive to improving the quality of automobile products and promoting technological progress_Currently, China's policies and regulations are insufficient in promoting the quality of industrial products and technological advancement. Article 50 of the “Registration Measures” stipulates that the vehicle management office can entrust large-scale state-owned automobiles and motorcycles. , The exclusive sales store of the agricultural transport vehicle manufacturer shall handle the registration of the inspection-free motor vehicles produced by the enterprise on behalf of the vehicle management office. The specific measures shall be formulated separately. Only cars with good quality can be exempted from inspection, and cars with exemption from inspection can save vehicle inspection fees before registration. At the same time, dealers can directly apply for car licenses, which can save users the cost of entrusting motor vehicle registration and save money for car users. and time. Therefore, the sales of inspection-free vehicles in specialty stores will inevitably be better than those of non-inspection-free vehicles. It will effectively promote automobile manufacturers to improve product quality, speed up technological progress, and strive for vehicles to meet the inspection-free level as soon as possible.

is conducive to speeding up the process of automobile tax and fee reform. The issuance of motor vehicle registration certificates and the computer networking of motor vehicle registration management in the future provide convenience for the accurate statistics of various domestic motor vehicles according to equipment quality and engine displacement. Therefore, it provides a prerequisite for the future integration with international conventions and the implementation of vehicle tax. The implementation of vehicle tax is conducive to reasonable taxation, thereby promoting the development of the automobile market.

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