How to build the corporate culture of mechanical processing

 If an enterprise does not have a culture, then no matter how good the facilities and employees are, they are just like an assembly line, without any thoughts and vitality, and they are dead water. In today's demanding principle, human needs are divided into physiological needs, safety needs, belonging and love needs, respect needs, cognitive needs, aesthetic needs and self-realization needs.

As a member of an enterprise, employees also need such needs, and these needs are not simply reflected in the income of wages. Therefore, for companies, whether they need to self-check whether they meet the higher requirements of employees, and what kind of work has the company done in cultural construction? Have you walked into the lives of employees?

The construction of corporate culture should include at least the following aspects:

First, the personality shaping of business owners. In our country, corporate culture largely depends on the personality and habits of the boss. Therefore, there is a saying that "what kind of boss has a kind of corporate culture".Therefore, business bosses should review their daily behaviors at any time, and strive to create an image of integrity, rules, and passion, and set a standard to imitate or refer to. Do not bring too much personal emotions, let alone adulterate the family. factor. Especially for SMEs, the influence of the boss will be great.
Second, can there be a harmonious corporate interpersonal relationship. Different companies feel different. As soon as some companies step into the door, you can feel the vitality and humanized corporate atmosphere, which makes you very cordial and relaxed. And some companies will make you feel gloomy, just want to escape, who is willing to stay in such a company?
Third, whether human resources can design a relatively complete reward and punishment mechanism. Human resources are tangible resources. The key depends on whether you can develop and whether you will develop:

  • (1) Can a relatively fair and just evaluation mechanism be set up so that employees’ contributions should be matched with returns, and employees who do not contribute or even play a negative role will be punished.
  • (2) Is there a benign distribution and reward mechanism? For example, employees with different years of work should be differentiated, and employees who have served a certain number of years or have made greater contributions should be rewarded.
  • (3) Is there a systematic training for employees, such as job skills, communication skills, cultural knowledge, etc. This can improve work efficiency on the one hand, and create a culture of learning on the other. It can effectively resist the occurrence of bad behaviors such as gambling and fighting.
  • (4) Whether it is possible to organize employees to carry out recreational activities properly. For example, sports meets, outings, New Year dinners, birthday wishes for employees, etc., are all very important parts of corporate culture.
  • (5) To do the work of enterprise employees, we must strengthen communication with them. Nowadays, there are many communication channels, such as face-to-face communication, bulletin boards, corporate internal publications, website forums, and even group SMS messaging.

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