"Walking" management method of machine processing plant

 For people, it is easy to indulge in a comfortable and comfortable environment. No matter what kind of industry or position you are in. Especially compared to the managers of some machining factories, instead of sitting in the office and spending time, it is better to go to the on-site workshop and listen to the voice of the employees and learn more about the front-line information.

Especially as a workshop manager, more time should be spent on "walking management", that is, "walking, seeing, listening, and asking questions" more on site. The workshop management mainly involves the following five aspects:

1. Quality management

The process report data was spot-checked when walking around the site, and if abnormalities were found, immediate improvement was required. Process control belongs to process control, and good results can only be achieved with good processes.

Each job position has corresponding clauses, but there is a gap in the implementation process. Only through our walk management can we discover the actual implementation.

2. Cost management

Starting from the post manpower arrangement, raw material loss, water, electricity and steam consumption, etc., walking around the site pays attention to the "running, emitting, dripping, and leaking" of energy. The control performance scale target must be refined to the daily, and the exceedance of the standard will be resolved on the day , Achieve Nissin Nishimoshi.

3. Delivery management

In normal work, implement daily, weekly, and monthly equipment inspections, and deal with abnormalities in a timely manner. The equipment needs to be maintained in a planned manner. The PDCA cycle is used to improve the maintenance plan to reduce the equipment failure rate and avoid affecting the delivery time.

4. Safety management

Strengthen the safety awareness of all employees, continue to promote and request, and the supervisor's correction ability should also be improved. Management should be pre-prevention, control during the event, and summary after the event, but the focus of safety management is pre-prevention.

5. Morale management

The operation of the team is closely related to the reserve of personnel. Therefore, in terms of talent cultivation, we can provide guidance from the three aspects of knowledge, skills and attitude, and even improve the actual ability of all aspects through various forms of rotation.

Production is mainly managed around the above five aspects. The five complement each other and are indispensable. However, the end of all these managements eventually returns to the management of people. It comes down to a problem of people, but because people are not machines and equipment, they have feelings and Ideas, so lead people with your heart. Only when you have a good communication with your subordinates, seek common ground while reserving differences, and maximize your strengths and avoid weaknesses can you make the best use of your talents and make the best use of your materials.

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