How to control production quality through system

System management is like screwing a screw. Although it takes a lot of effort to tighten it, just bite the bullet and hold on, tighten it, and strictly enforce the law from the beginning. After that, the team will form a mechanism that automatically operates in accordance with the system; If it is not tight enough, it will slowly leak, the system wall will become ruined, and the team will lose the rules and constraints, and the atmosphere will get worse.

How to implement it effectively? L2Cplat/OPDCA closed loop management

The unique "daily inspection, weekly summary, and monthly assessment" in L2Cplat/OPDCA is goal-oriented, and intuitively compares the execution of work plans and tasks, effectively tracking workflow execution, providing reference for continuous optimization of work, and reporting in real time, so as to be timely Make work adjustments, correct deviations, make goal orientation clearer, supervision and evaluation more fair, and team operations more efficient.

Establish long-term goals

Enterprises establish a target chain and target management system through L2Cplat/OPDCA, combining top-down target decomposition with bottom-up target expectations, from organizational goals to business unit goals, to department goals, and finally to personal goals. In the decomposition process, rights, responsibilities, and benefits are clearly distinguished and symmetrical.

Plan to make a feasible plan

The overall strategic policy and goals of the china cnc machining factory enterprise are decomposed level by level. Departments and employees customize the detailed execution plans in different forms such as daily/outing/business trips according to the overall goals of the enterprise, and determine the weights and assessment methods of the goals. Supports the creation of parent-child tasks, which facilitates quick tracking of the execution process of plan decomposition.

Do focus on daily execution

After the plan is approved, it will be done on the spot, the parent-child tasks are displayed in a tree, and the work execution status can be viewed intuitively. The work time and execution progress are clear at a glance. During the implementation process, today’s affairs are fully recorded, quantified goals, process supervision, and standardized processes.

Check "Daily inspection, weekly summary, monthly assessment" real-time incentive

Goal-oriented, intuitive comparison of work plans and work tasks execution, effective tracking of workflow execution, providing reference for continuous optimization of work, so as to make timely work adjustments, correct deviations, make goal orientation more clear, supervision and evaluation more fair, team operations More efficient.

Clear and true reporting of Action work results

The summary of work execution results is automatically generated, as detailed as contracted amount, emails, telephone records, visit records, customers, sales records, etc., to help employees report quickly and improve the overall efficiency of the team.

One-stop platform records, and machining processes the results of the summary inspection, affirms successful experience and appropriately promotes and standardizes, summarizes the lessons of failure to avoid recurrence, and puts unresolved problems into the next OPDCA cycle to help employees train Good working habits for constant optimization.

A complete L2Cplat/OPDCA quality closed loop can continuously check, compare and summarize during the execution and report process, optimize the work plan, form a circular system, and finally achieve the realization of the company's long-term goals through standardized management.

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