Daily management of production workshop worth learning

 The company has no performance appraisal, but its performance improvement activities are the most, largest, and best in the world. The improvement activities here refer to various activities that promote the improvement of corporate performance. The essence is that performance improvement must be gradually improved through continuous problem discovery, problem analysis, and problem solving.

The Japanese mechanical processing plants in this regard are more worthy of our reference. When Toyota visits factories in all corners of the world, you will see that there are many safety light systems in the workshops. Usually, the general manager's office also has one or can see the safety lights. The function of this safety light is that when employees find quality problems, they can pull down the safety light line, turn on the safety light to suspend the production line, and any employee in Toyota can use the and light system. As soon as the light comes on, the alarm bell will sound, and the team leader will order the suspension of production. All kinds of engineers and management personnel will immediately rush to the scene personally to grasp the reality.

What is the safety light for? The actual purpose is to expose the problem for continuous improvement.

Mechanical cnc machining shop often encounter such a situation: there is not enough manpower and energy to find the problem. So they simply thought of a simple way: let the problem have nowhere to hide, perhaps the Japanese think that searching is a waste in itself. And once a problem is encountered, the Japanese are good at using the power of teamwork, and all of them rush to the scene to participate in the analysis and solve the problem.

Speaking of management tactics in developed countries, there are several points that must be mentioned:

The first trick: Performance improvement must be achieved through continuous discovery, analysis, and problem-solving methods. Therefore, the Japanese choose to use the method of finding fault with all staff to expose the problem thoroughly, and then use collective wisdom and strength to analyze and solve .

I am afraid that china cnc machining companies will never learn this trick. Chinese people pay attention to introspection. If a Chinese always talks about other people's shortcomings, then this person will become a rat crossing the street, and everyone shouts! Usually, we do this: do not talk in person, talk behind the scenes; do not talk at the meeting, talk about it after the meeting; talk or not, just talk.

The second trick: let people do only the right things, and they must do things right. Once the safety light is sounded or the button is pressed, the production line must stop production, because the Japanese pay attention to the production of qualified products.

The Japanese have limited investment in human resources, so there are not too many people to inspect, repair, and attack those substandard products. What's more, in their eyes, inspection and repair is itself a waste.

The third trick: In order to do the right thing, they only find the right way. The Japanese like to make every step and process of the work very detailed, and provide everyone with a set of detailed and comprehensive work instructions. In other words, the Japanese human resource management mainly focuses on job analysis, that is, how to do the right thing in the right way.

Japanese cnc machining companies generally employ a lifetime employment system, and when they cannot lay off employees, they cannot repeatedly recruit new people in large numbers. In other words, after knowing the right thing, there is no way to choose the right person, so we can only find the right way.

The fourth trick: In order to ensure that everyone has the right way to do things, they set up training centers on the production line. Studying at work and working after study, Japanese training can be described as the true unity of knowledge and action.

Finally: introduce the training dojo of Japanese companies, that is, the five training areas set up near the production line that are gradually improved and improved:

  • The first area is the maintenance area, which is used to maintain and improve the operational skills of frontline employees;
  • The second is the Earth House, which is a training area for reducing waste, recycling and reducing waste discharge at the production site;
  • The third is perfect quality, the area of ​​training quality inspection skills;
  • The fourth is to improve the efficiency of production, maintain competitiveness, shoot videos and find ways to improve;
  • The fifth is the quality control room.

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