Specific content of safety production management in machine processing plants

 For each different position, the workshop should also formulate the functional assessment rules for each position, and conduct the assessment at a fixed time. The rewards and punishments are carried out in accordance with the regulations stipulated in the assessment rules to further improve the operator's carefulness in the operation process. As a production workshop manager, we must recognize that safe production is not a phased work, but a long-term continuous project. Safety production management should also focus on the following four aspects:

1. People-oriented safety management must be unwavering

The first is that the management must update their concepts and get rid of the conservative thinking of sticking to the rules and not enterprising; secondly, they must work hard on the employees, and the quality of the employees must be blocked and the ideology must be shut down, and everything should be done according to standards. We must be good at studying the ideological dynamics of employees and eliminate hidden dangers before and after the post; then we must improve the cnc machining methods, pay attention to the use of flexible and diverse forms of work, be strict but not dead, pay attention to emotional investment, and create a harmonious team atmosphere.

2. Safety management must pay attention to the control of the operation process

The first is to establish a management assessment mechanism. The management personnel must strengthen the inspection and supervision of the on-site operation process, truly discover and deal with hidden safety hazards in the dynamic process, and eliminate formalism; the second is to conduct the assessment and inspection of the grassroots departments so that the results are consistent with the process. In combination, on the basis of in-depth actual investigation and research on site, carry out result inspection to eliminate one-sidedness.

3. Safety management must transform from external management to team self-management

First of all, we must establish a team assessment mechanism, establish a step-by-step assessment framework for workshop assessment teams, team assessment teams and team assessment positions, decentralize responsibilities and powers to teams, and turn responsibilities and powers into pressure and motivation to mobilize the enthusiasm of each employee and actively participate Safety management realizes self-control, mutual control and other control in safety management. Only by realizing the self-management of the team can the first line of defense be built on the foundation.

4. Safety management should take precautions, move forward, and grasp the typical

One is to take the initiative, seek pressure, and dare to expose ugliness. For the outstanding potential safety hazards, we must grasp the typical, expand the education analysis, so that the responsible person will be shocked and the employees will be educated. The second is to pay attention to the establishment of preventive measures, highlight the policy of focusing on prevention, quickly formulate preventive measures for outstanding common problems found in daily inspections and management work, and decisively correct them, find key people and positions in the work, and focus on controlling them to achieve The purpose of preventing problems.

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