What conditions will restrict the development of mechanical processing enterprises

 No matter which industry you are engaged in, management is one of the indispensable contents for an enterprise organization. This is especially true for mechanical cnc machining shop. Since the mechanical processing field is a labor-intensive industry, the management of people is particularly important. This article will specifically introduce some "people" related factors that restrict the development of enterprises.

1. Limited supervisory ability

Due to the limited ability of the factory manager to pay the total amount, he does not have the strategic layout, he will not be able to command, dispatch and coordinate tactically, and he cannot know and employ people well, and he cannot make full use of limited resources, and he cannot know himself and others. Knowing the heavens and the earth, so it is inevitable that failure is inevitable when fighting the wrong battle with very good soldiers at the wrong time, in the wrong place.

The manager in charge is not used to make small reports, but to solve and prevent problems and achieve established goals.

1. As a supervisor or boss, be careful not to let employees do nothing

That is to say, there is no effect after busying for a long time. If you dare not take the responsibility at this time, imagine how it will end? If this happens too many times, the employees will be tired. However, what should I do if I cannot disobey the order?

The employees will come and stand by. If you have a thousand rules that make me unable to do so, I will take care of myself. As a result, everyone was busy. In fact, they were all busy. They pretended to be busy and showed them to their superiors.

2. Don't change the order

As a supervisor or boss, he was not careful before making a decision, or his decision-making power was not enough, or his ears were weak. After making a decision and issuing an instruction, he felt that the original decision was not good and wanted to modify the decision, so the decision instruction was being implemented at will, at any time , Random and random modification of instructions, leading to the growth of random culture. At first, the subordinates were uncomfortable with this. After a long time, they got the boss's temperament and behavior style. Although the boss issued the order, he estimated that the boss would modify the order, so he began to feign and not move. As a result, the boss is satisfied when he sees his subordinates moving, but he can’t produce results and is inefficient.

2. The quality of employees is not high

What is product? Quality is professional ethics. What is quality? Quality refers to the natural attributes related to the job, including professional awareness, knowledge, skills, wisdom, resources, etc.

Inefficiency is mainly related to the quality of employees. An employee with good quality may be twice, three times, or even 10 times more efficient than an average employee. More importantly, the work quality is different.

Arrange the same work, a good-quality employee may complete it within a day, while a poor-quality employee works very hard but only completes it a week later, and the quality of the work cannot be the same as a good-quality employee.

In terms of the amount of time spent alone, there is a difference of 7 times, not to mention the difference in quality.

However, under the control of long-term egalitarianism, it is obviously impossible for employees in the same position to have 7 times the salary. Naturally, those with excellent quality will gradually lose, and the average quality will be precipitated. Although the remaining employees have good professional ethics, work very hard and are very busy, the overall work efficiency of the company is very low.

Isn't hiring a man to see whether he is obedient? Is it loyal? (Beyond personal expectations will definitely be loyal, so loyalty is relative), we must focus on quality!

3. The cultural orientation is wrong

If the boss advocates a "busy" culture, then the employees will be busy, and they can be model workers even if they pretend to be B. This is particularly noticeable in some repair shops. The boss is very happy when he sees that the employees are busy from morning till night. The most uncomfortable thing for the boss is leisure. When employees are idle, the boss feels panic.

The inefficient repair shop owner does not ask employees whether they have completed their tasks, but only whether they are busy. Some bosses don’t directly mention idle employees, but instead praise busy employees, especially those who work overtime.

As everyone knows, the reason why employees are so busy is mostly because of poor quality, not busy with ideas, and busy; what is more, it is a problem of quality that they deliberately show the boss. As a result, the boss would praise him when he found out, and he would be busy. The result is that the busier you are, the more praised you are from your boss, and the more you praise, the busier people will be, and they will be busy and ineffective. In the final analysis, the staff appraisal is not oriented towards accomplishing the goal.

4. There is a problem with the corporate strategy

There are problems with target customer positioning and business model positioning. The strategic direction is wrong and the strategic direction is uncertain. If the strategic positioning is not accurate, and the strategic breakthrough and strategic transformation are not in place in time, the enterprise will inevitably appear in a busy state, busy and inefficient, and busy and ineffective.

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