What content will be in the machine shop workshop

Meetings are a good occasion for effective communication between the various departments of the machinery processing plant. When corporate meetings cannot be held effectively, employees will feel that the meeting is always deliberate but not decided, decided but not done, and done without results, is a waste of time . But if every meeting is held effectively, it will become a good tool for refined management.
So, we often see some morning meetings held in the fine management of mechanical processing plants of a certain scale. What are most of them?

1. Summary of the day before yesterday

Make a review and summary of the production, quality, and efficiency of the team yesterday; report on the employees who performed well yesterday, the employees who performed poorly, the problems that occurred yesterday, and the plan achievement rate.

2. Arrangement today

Let every employee know this team and what is the planned task for the last mile? This is crucial:

Announce the production plan for the day and the focus of the day’s work, including process allocation, use of models, production quality and 5S, so that employees have an understanding of the day’s production and other conditions, and emphasize the importance and implementation requirements of safe production. New products, new methods, new processes, etc. should be communicated to employees in a timely manner.

3. Train the team

Team morning meetings are also the base for the company’s various policies to promote employees’ understanding of the company and products. Team morning meetings can strengthen employees’ understanding of the company’s culture and improve their own quality. Through the morning meeting, superior instructions, policies, work procedures, work disciplines, education and training can be communicated, so that employees can have a clearer understanding of the company’s policies, the company’s cultural philosophy, and their own work direction to improve Work efficiency.

4. Time control

Some managers think that we are in a traditional industry, and that the production team leaders are not well-educated, and the meeting talks are not so good, so the morning meeting was cancelled. This is actually another big misunderstanding.

This misunderstanding is that we think that a morning meeting requires highly educated and highly qualified personnel to be able to hold a good morning meeting. Many of our team leaders don’t seem to have the ability to hold such a morning meeting, so we simply don’t hold it. It’s better to use these 10 to 15 minutes to let everyone make more products on the production line.

 The quality of our team is determined according to the industry attributes of each industry. Let us not think that the quality of our employees is not high. What a good manager has to do is how to cultivate the quality of these people and improve his skills.
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