Extended hob life benefited from micro lubrication machining

Micro-lubrication quasi-dry machining is a new type of machining method that replaces traditional cutting fluid with micro-lubrication and has been applied in some enterprises. Under quasi-dry cutting conditions, the cutting process, machine tool design, micro-lubrication device, lubricant, operation and cutting tools are different from traditional wet cutting. The theoretical basis of quasi-dry cutting is far less mature than traditional cutting fluid metal cutting theory. The processing technology of dry cutting needs to be explored and accumulated based on the workpiece material, the selection of tools and the coating, so that the technical characteristics of quasi-dry processing can be brought into play.
The working principle of Doppelio’s built-in micro-lubrication device is to generate micron-level suspended oil particles through a precision built-in oil mist generator powered by air. Spindle) is transported to the cutting area between the tool and the workpiece almost without loss, or sprayed to the cutting area through pipelines and external nozzles to participate in cutting lubrication.
In gear machining, three nozzles are usually required to spray micron oil mist particles into the cutting area. One nozzle keeps a certain distance and sprays the rake face of the hob. The other two nozzles are arranged on the left and right of the hob blade, the hob blade and the workpiece. The oil film between the contact points improves the friction between the hob blade and the workpiece material, inhibits temperature rise, and at the same time improves the quality of the machined surface, and has the effect of preventing the machined surface from rusting, and the life of the hob is prolonged.
In addition to the damage caused by impurities in the workpiece material, the life of the hob is mainly the damage to the hob and the coating caused by the repeated heating and cooling of the hob during cutting fluid processing. Hot brittleness”. During micro-lubrication quasi-dry machining, ultra-fine oil mist particles are conducive to penetrating into the cutting area to form an oil film (pressureless cutting fluid may not effectively penetrate into the cutting area), reducing “hob-workpiece” and “hob-cutting” The friction between them plays the role of restraining temperature rise, reducing hob wear, preventing adhesion and improving the quality of workpiece surface and hob life.

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