Five basic principles of car decoration technology

Dressing up our car beautifully will not only make our car attract a higher rate of turning heads, but at the same time sitting in it will make the driver feel more happy. This kind of things that benefit others and self must surely every car owner All are in progress or have been completed. However, many car owners do not understand the five principles to follow when decorating a car. Today the editor is here to introduce you one by one, I hope it will be helpful to you.

1.The principle of harmony

The principle of harmony is that the color of the materials and accessories must match the exterior color of the car properly. For example, a black car with a light brown sun film, a beige seat cover and a white pillowcase, a brown car blanket in the dark gray cab, and one or two pieces of exquisite installation in the center of the cab according to the size of the space Bright decorations (such as thermos cups, information boxes, etc.) and a beautiful perfume or voice alarm clock in front of the cab, so that the entire cab will appear elegant, luxurious and harmonious. Cool colors (such as green, blue, purple, etc.) give people a light and profound feeling; warm colors (red, orange, yellow, etc.) give people a warm and intimate feeling.

2. Practical principles

The practical principle is mainly to choose some small, beautiful and practical accessories according to the limited space in the car. Accessories such as perfumes, thermos cups, and information boxes mentioned above are in line with this principle.

3.The principle of cleanliness

The principle of cleanliness requires that the interior of the car be decorated in an orderly manner without any pollution or debris. At the same time, all accessories in the car must be easy to remove for cleaning or replacement.

4.Safety principles

The principle of safety mainly means that the decorations in the car must not hinder the safe driving of the driver or the safe ride of the passengers. For example, it is not advisable to post large-scale publicity slogans, advertisements or other patterns on the front and rear windshields; it is also not advisable to hang long or large ornaments inside the car.

5.The principle of comfort

The color of the decorations in the car should be determined by the driver’s own aesthetics. Only a comfortable working environment can give the driver a relaxed and happy feeling, and the occupants are naturally in a good mood.

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