The monitoring part of the equipment detection point is the transmission assembly


Combining equipment for point inspection and regular repair, carry out simple diagnosis of main production equipment, equipment on-line monitoring and management of key equipment status maintenance, tendency to manage fault degradation curve drawing of mine crushing equipment status management, comprehensive diagnosis of rotating equipment faults, fault diagnosis of cone crushers, Predict the failure cycle of mining equipment, analyze failure modes, and grasp the probability of failure. Early detection of potential equipment failures, making maintenance decisions, and realizing predictive maintenance of equipment. In recent years, the failure rate has increased, and common failures and sudden failures have increased year by year with the growth of service life. The overhaul is difficult, the overhaul cost is high, and the equipment operation performance is declining year by year. Analysis of the current situation of the moving cone bevel gear cone crusher The type cone crusher is the main production equipment of Lingxiang Iron Mine. Failure mode: The horizontal shaft sleeve is glued, the transmission and the large and small bevel gears are worn and the teeth are broken, the gap between the large copper sleeve of the main shaft is increased, the spherical bush is strained, and the internal failure of the motor. Cone crusher fault diagnosis model analysis fault diagnosis program must be type cone crusher fault diagnosis program is established as shown in the figure, the establishment of the diagnosis part of the fault diagnosis steps, take the cone crusher as an example for diagnosis. The equipment detection point is shown in the figure. The monitoring part is the transmission assembly, and the measurement parameter is the vibration speed. Equipment online monitoring, diagnosis and analysis year and month. The results of the analysis of the cone crusher online monitoring data are listed in the table. The equipment failure fluctuation situation and law, the four monitored data all fluctuate, and the water pressure fluctuation range is large, indicating that the equipment failure is not Independent existence is the interconnection of the internal structure of the host. The results of the frequency spectrum analysis of the vibration velocity of the measuring points of the three equipment No. The equipment No. three side intestines are shown in the figure as the state of the crusher. The internal failure of the host is a complicated factor.

Therefore, the number of measuring points has been intensively monitored, and the frequency spectrum has been used for precise testing and analysis.

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