Introduction to the identification of second-hand retreaded tires


In addition to the important parts of second-hand cars, pay attention to the tires of second-hand cars. A friend of the reporter bought a second-hand car. At that time, the owner of the second-hand car dealer said that the tires were brand new, so the friend stopped paying attention to the tires. As a result, I drove for a few days after I bought it back but found that the tire was retreaded. In this regard, some automotive professionals said that when buying a second-hand car, we must look at whether there is a problem with the tire.

The first thing to look at is whether the tire has internal injuries, such as hardening and aging. To check whether the tire has been replaced by someone. It also depends on whether the tires have been refilled and shoddy. No matter how you look at this type of tires, it seems that there is no quality problem.

In addition, it depends on whether the tire has been retreaded. Compared with branded tires, the biggest difference between retreaded tires and branded tires lies in the wear resistance, and the most intuitive judgment method is:

Look, the tire tread shows blue light and the color is more natural;

Press, press the tread with your fingers, if there are no fingerprints left, it meets the quality requirements;

Pull, the rubber nail on the tread is not easy to break, and it can be restored to its original state immediately after releasing it;

scratching, scratching the tread with your nails, if no fingerprints are left, it meets the quality requirements.

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