Car maintenance: timely replacement of oil is very important

After a severe winter, the pace of spring is getting closer. Car owners at this time, in addition to checking for potential faults in their car, they should also pay special attention to the replacement and addition of oil. Let’s take a look at the editor of Liangchehui below!

1. Replace brake fluid

Some car owners often find that their car's brakes are soft after the end of the Spring Festival self-driving tour. The reason is that after the long-distance self-driving tour, the car's lubricating oil, coolant, and brake fluid loss is relatively large, but the car owner does not It is caused by timely replacement and addition. Therefore, in the spring after the weather has warmed up, car owners should check whether there is any shortage of these oils in their cars and replenish them in time.

In addition, when the brake fluid moves back and forth in the brake pipe, sludge and other impurities will be generated after a period of time, which directly affects the braking force of the vehicle. Therefore, the owner must replace the brake fluid every 20,000 to 40,000 kilometers.

2. Replace the dirty lubricating oil

After the Spring Festival, large-scale snowfall and icy roads across the country caused congestion. Vehicles on the way back and forth need to be started frequently. Engines often fail to warm up in time. Unevaporated water and insufficiently burned fuel will lubricate. The oil quality is degraded, which in turn leads to engine corrosion and sludge production, and the engine has been operating under high load.

Therefore, car owners can go to a professional store to check whether the lubricating oil is clean and flowing smoothly. In addition, low-temperature and high-load operation is prone to sludge and carbon deposits. If necessary, the lubricating oil should be replaced or the replacement interval should be reduced.

3. Replenish battery fluid

Battery* is afraid of low temperatures. The capacity of the battery in a low temperature environment is much lower than that at room temperature, and its performance will be significantly reduced. This is one of the reasons why the engine is difficult to start cold. Therefore, in the few heavy snow and low temperature weather after the Spring Festival, the owner of a liquid battery should replenish the electrolyte of the battery and adjust the specific gravity of the electrolyte. At the same time, the owner of the vehicle should clean the battery terminal and apply special grease to protect it, so as to ensure reliable starting and prolong the battery life.

If the car owner finds that some batteries have poor performance, it is best to replace them with new ones to ensure safe driving.

4. Check the coolant

With the advent of spring, as the temperature gradually rises, the coolant in the car’s water tank is insufficient. Many car owners will arbitrarily use clean water to replenish them when they find it. In fact, this method is unscientific. Clean water is easy to produce alkali and scale, and the boiling point is low, which is very easy to cause “boiling”. Therefore, even though the temperature has risen, car owners cannot change the coolant to clean water at will.

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