Maintenance method of car battery in winter

  Many people who drive in winter often have this feeling: The battery that has just been fully charged will run out in a while.It feels like the electricity in the battery has been stolen, which is really a headache for many car owners.This is because the temperature in winter is low, and the capacity of the battery in a low temperature environment is much lower than that at room temperature.Therefore, in winter, it is extremely important to maintain the battery. Next, ** will introduce you to the maintenance of car batteries in winter.
  Why is the battery dead?
  There are still functions and components running after the vehicle is turned off
  Many car owners think that after closing the switch, the car is in a state of power failure, but in fact, many devices are still in operation. *It is common that the anti-theft system installed on many car models nowadays, as soon as the car door is locked, the system starts to work, and its power consumption is much smaller than that of equipment such as headlights.But after a few weeks, when the car is not started for a long time for charging and the battery is in a poor state of storage, the battery will run out.
  Is the car completely stationary after the flame is turned off?In the traditional impression, as long as the car key is turned to the electric door closed state, all parts of the car are in a stopped working state.However, when the engine temperature is too high, even if the car is turned off and the car key is pulled out of the car, the cooling system will automatically start to cool the engine system.Only when the engine system temperature drops, the cooling system will automatically stop working, usually this process takes 3 to 5 minutes.
  Forgot to turn off the lights after locking the car
  I stopped the car without turning off the lights, and after a night, the battery was overworked and shocked, and finally went on strike.Of course, many vehicles now have locked their headlights automatically, but there are still some vehicles that need to turn off their headlights manually, so pay attention outside.
  What are the precautions for using batteries in winter?
  1. If the battery is not used for a long time, it will slowly discharge by itself until it is scrapped.Therefore, the car should be started every once in a while to charge the battery.
  2. Avoid parking the car in the open parking lot for a long time. If it is parked for a long time, the battery must be removed and taken away to prevent the battery from freezing and damage.
  3. The storage capacity of the battery can be reflected on the dashboard.When the ammeter pointer shows that the battery is insufficient, charge it in time.
  4. The car engine is not easy to start in winter. The time to start the car should not exceed 5 seconds each time, and the interval between restarts should not be less than 15 seconds.
  5. When the electrolyte is deficient, distilled water or special rehydration should be added. Do not use pure drinking water instead, because the pure water contains a variety of trace elements, which will cause adverse effects on the battery.
  6. Clean the battery terminal at intervals and apply special grease to protect the wiring harness.Frequently check the accessories and connection lines on the battery.
  7. In daily driving, you should always check whether the small holes on the battery cover are ventilated. If the small holes on the battery cover are blocked, the hydrogen and oxygen produced cannot be discharged. When the electrolyte expands, the battery shell will be broken and the battery life will be affected.
  8. It is forbidden to use automotive electrical appliances after the car is turned off. Using the battery alone when the engine is not generating electricity will cause damage to it.
  9. Check whether there is any aging or short circuit in each part of the circuit to prevent the battery from being decommissioned early due to over-discharge.
  10. Generally speaking, the battery life of a car is about 2 to 3 years, but the modified car equipment will often damage the battery life, and it is necessary to check whether the battery is operating normally in winter.
  Specific methods of maintaining batteries:
  1. Wipe the outside of the battery with a damp cloth, and wipe clean the dust, oil, white powder and other dirt on the panel and column head that may cause leakage.Frequently scrub the stigma of the battery, not only will the white acid powder not accumulate on it, but the service life of the battery will be longer than expected.
  2. Open the water filling cover of the battery to see if the water level is in the normal position.Generally, there will be upper and lower limit markings on the side of the battery for your reference.If you find that the water level is lower than the lower mark, you must add distilled water. Do not add too much water. The standard is that the middle * of the upper and lower marks is appropriate.

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