Tire rotation can extend the life of the spare tire and also has a shelf life


Many car owners will take their families out for self-driving tours, and the tires of their cars are also showing varying degrees of wear and tear, and many car owners are a little confused about the replacement of the tires.

Tire rotation can prolong life

I learned from many car 4S shops that now car owners are very careful about car maintenance, but many car owners think of changing tires when they encounter problems. In fact, it takes a lot of money to change tires frequently. In many cases, tire replacement is just a matter of cost. It can prolong the life of the tire, and the reasonable rotation can extend the life of the tire by 20%. It saves a lot of money for the owner.

The after-sales service manager of the Dongfeng Nissan franchise store, Wang? This Dan? Hemorrhoids ㄆ诨毨? ldquo;Rotation” is to ensure that each tire reaches the balance of work intensity. However, the tire replacement is also regular and cannot be arbitrarily. Change location.

Generally speaking, there are two ways to change tires. The first way is to swap front left tires and rear left tires, and swap front right tires and rear right tires; the second way is cross swapping, which means Change the left front tire to the right rear tire and the right front tire to the left rear tire. Relatively speaking, the second method is better.

As for the number of kilometers to be exchanged, the “Vehicle User Manual” of some models recommends that front-wheel drive vehicles should be changed every 8000 kilometers, while four-wheel drive vehicles need to be changed every 6000 kilometers. However, if there is no rotation for more than 20,000 kilometers, and tire wear has formed, it is not recommended to perform tire rotation to avoid deviation. But the king? Chuangyi, Jinghe, 飧赫飧龌龌莩地サ木咛逅鸷Naxie龆?ǎ?庋??W肌?p>    spare tires also have a shelf life

Now, in the process of using a car, most consumers don’t pay much attention to the spare tire, and they always think of the spare tire when the car tire is punctured or punctured. In fact, it is worth paying attention to consumers that if the specifications and structure of the spare tire are the same as the tires normally used on the car, the *scientific* reasonable method is to cross-rotate the spare tire together. In this way, a car will run 5~10. After 10,000 kilometers, the 5 tires (including the spare tire) wear very uniformly and can be replaced directly without wasting the spare tire.

However, because tires also have a shelf life, consumers must check the condition of the spare tire before using the spare tire. After all, the tire is a rubber product. If the spare tire is left for many years, it may crack. It is understood that, generally speaking, the shelf life of tires is calculated from the date of leaving the factory, which is about 5 years. Expired tires cannot be used anymore. Consumers should not be afraid of waste and should dispose of expired tires in time.

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