Plateau construction equipment machinery selection


Construction machinery selection of plateau construction equipment must withstand the test of extreme cold and hot plateau hills, swamps and deserts and other extreme geographical conditions. Although the construction machinery of Sweden, the United States and Germany has certain advantages in terms of product quality, work reliability, durability and maintainability, it has no advantage in terms of plateau adaptability compared with China’s military equipment. Therefore, the following aspects should be considered when choosing plateau construction machinery.

Power system selection The output power of the diesel engine decreases with the increase in the altitude and relative humidity of the area in which it is used. The calibrated power of a diesel engine refers to the effective power that can be output at atmospheric pressure, ambient temperature, relative humidity, and altitude not exceeding meters.

Due to low air pressure, thin air, and low oxygen content in plateau areas, the output power of a generally naturally aspirated diesel engine will decrease every meter of elevation, and fuel consumption will rise. When it is above meters, the engine power is only about 5 that in plain areas, and Insufficient fuel combustion produces carbon deposits and emits black smoke, which not only causes early engine wear and pollution, but also pollutes the environment. When the water cooling power is above an altitude of meters, the water cooling power drops more slowly than air cooling. Therefore, the power system of Plateau Machinery recommends using water cooling diesel engines.

Plateau diesel engine power recovery mainly adopts two measures, one is to restore power by boosting, and the other is to increase diesel engine displacement. At present, the diesel engines suitable for plateau work mainly include Chongqing Cummins plateau engine, Germany Doltz turbocharged intercooled water-cooled diesel engine.

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