Minute lubrication processing deep hole

Deep hole machining is the machining of holes with a ratio of hole depth to diameter greater than 10. In the machining industry, more holes are processed, but it is difficult to guarantee the tool life and the quality of the processed parts in the processing of deep holes. Solving the problems encountered in deep hole machining in machining and improving processing efficiency are the main research directions of deep hole machining. On the one hand, deep hole machining needs to choose suitable cutting tools to improve processing parameters. On the other hand, it is also necessary to choose a suitable and ideal lubrication system, because choosing a suitable and ideal lubrication method can improve the life of cutting tools and the quality of processed parts. . At the same time, it can also reduce the pollution of oil pollution to the environment and the harm to the human body. <br /> In deep hole drilling, traditional lubrication technology uses a large amount of cutting fluid pouring to achieve lubrication and cooling. Although this traditional lubrication method can also play a role in lubrication and cooling, it needs to consume a large amount of cutting fluid. In addition, the cutting fluid will be sprayed on the equipment and work site, which will have an adverse impact on the environment and the human body. In addition, the recovery and treatment cost of the waste fluid is also very high. The use of Doppeld deep hole drilling micro-lubrication system can easily solve the above problems, and at the same time, the processing quality and processing efficiency will be greatly improved, and the service life of the drill will be prolonged. The data shows that the operating cost of the system is reduced by more than 50%. <br /> The Doppeld deep hole drilling micro-lubrication system is mostly used in the processing of auto parts: crankshaft oil hole processing, engine box, etc. There are more deep holes in these processing, and the number of holes is relatively concentrated. To make the micro-lubrication play a better role, it is necessary to choose a drill bit with an internal cooling channel when selecting a drill bit, so that the micron-level oil mist can smoothly reach the cutting area. In addition, when choosing a lubricant, it is necessary to choose an environmentally friendly lubricant and fully consider the viscosity of the lubricant. Because the viscosity of the oil directly determines the atomization effect and the size of the oil mist particles after atomization. The pressure of a suitable gas source is also very important, because the size of the gas source pressure is an important factor that affects the formation of oil mist. In specific applications, if you use coated alloy drills to obtain higher processing efficiency, micro-lubrication can also play a better role. <br />

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