The market for auto parts is becoming increasingly fierce


There will be unprecedented fierce competition in the domestic market for auto parts. In the face of this new change, the member factories of the “Automotive Federation” must actively prepare for the challenge. Make use of strengths and avoid weaknesses, and give full play to group advantages. In recent years, the member factories of the “Jin Auto Union” have gained a place in the auto parts industry market based on product quality, reputation and service attitude, and won the trust of the majority of users. However, some member factories are agricultural machinery system enterprises after all, and their product sales are affected. However, the agricultural machinery system has more than 200 agricultural machinery parts sales departments above the county level. In recent years, under the situation of reform and opening up, most of these sales departments have carried out the business of auto parts, and there are many sales departments dealing in auto parts. The business volume is still very large. The member factories should actively develop this potential market, make good use of the two annual agricultural machinery ordering meetings, and sign the contract for the supply of auto parts at the same time as the contract for agricultural machinery parts.

Capture market dynamics and seize key models. The current situation in the automobile market is different. Domestic-made diesel vehicles are popular because they have better power performance, low fuel prices and easier solutions. Especially in rural areas, people are willing to buy diesel vehicles, so the sales continue to be optimistic, so they are supporting diesel vehicles. Most of these diesel engine models are produced by agricultural machinery system manufacturers, and most of their supporting manufacturers are agricultural Supply repair parts. Therefore, we must seize this goal, work hard on these models, find a way, and conscientiously do a full-scale service in the production of supporting and social maintenance accessories and pre-sales, sales and after-sales.

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