Retrofit of old machine tools adopts trace lubrication

MQL processing is a processing method that atomizes a small amount of environmentally friendly lubricating oil with compressed air as the power and provides lubrication and cooling for cutting tools and workpieces. It is especially suitable for matching new machine tools and transforming old machine tools. The atomized oil mist particles are very small, generally micron-sized. MQL processing has the following advantages:

1. Since the lubricating oil is an environmentally friendly synthetic oil that is easy to decompose, the tools, workpieces, and chips are kept dry after processing, which is harmless to the human body and friendly to the environment.

2. Because the amount of lubricating oil is small, only a few to tens of milliliters per hour, which is only about one ten thousandth of the traditional pouring method, there is no need for waste liquid treatment equipment, which saves costs.

3. It can replace the traditional cutting fluid processing, and the old machine tool can be easily modified, which saves the production and operation cost of the enterprise and changes the production environment.

There are two supply methods for micro-lubrication: internal cooling and external spraying. The method of spraying to the cutting area through the internal cooling channel of the machine tool spindle and cutting tool is called internal cooling. There is no internal cooling channel to spray directly to the cutting area, which is called external cooling. The choice of internal cooling or external cooling depends on the original design of the machine tool, which is very convenient in terms of the transformation of its old machine tools, and has been widely used at present.

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