Summer is coming, car tires are very important to cool down and prevent heatstroke

Since the fall, the high temperature has continued, and the surface temperature in the afternoon is as high as 50 or 60 degrees Celsius, which has caused great discomfort to people and also brought many safety hazards to the car. To this end, the Beijing The Municipal Meteorological Bureau has launched popular science videos to remind citizens that cars should also prevent “heatstroke” in the hot summer.

First of all, summer is a period of high incidence of car tire explosions. Many citizens believe that reducing the pressure by deflating the tires can effectively prevent this problem. And the car consultant said that high tire pressure is easy to puncture, and low pressure is also easy to puncture. The correct method should be to adjust the tire pressure to the lower limit of the specified value. If the standard air pressure of car tires is 2.3 to 2.5 MPa, it can be adjusted to the lower limit of 2.3 MPa in summer.

In summer, you should also pay attention to the water temperature meter. In summer, when the engine is overheated and the outside temperature is too high, the vehicle enters a period of high incidence of spontaneous combustion. If the water temperature is too high, there will be some obvious symptoms, such as engine power drop, air conditioner failure, etc. Due to the high temperature, the engine may deflagrate, and the engine may have abnormal working noise. After these symptoms appear, the car consultant reminds the car owner not to get out of the car and open the front cover for inspection. The correct approach is to park the car aside and allow it to cool down naturally. Because the water temperature is too high, spontaneous combustion may have occurred. The moment the front cover is opened, air enters, which can easily burn people; in addition, the coolant that has been “boiled” may also burn people.

When the car uses air conditioning in summer, the external circulation should be used as much as possible. If the parking time is relatively long, more than 10 to 15 minutes, try not to cool off in the car; the air-conditioning filter is guaranteed to be replaced once a year. Do not rush to raise the window to the end within 2 minutes of the air conditioner functioning after getting in the car. Because the interior of the car and the air ducts of the air conditioner are made of plastic or rubber, which emits some harmful gases to the human body, it is necessary to use this 2 minutes to exhaust all the harmful gases in order to get all the windows. rising.

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