The heat treatment process of auto parts consumes a lot of energy


The heat treatment process of auto parts consumes a lot of energy, so it is necessary to work to reduce the energy consumption in each treatment stage, which includes furnace improvement, carburizing process control, quenching medium, cooling rate, etc. However, the operation of these processes is directly related to the properties and hardenability of the processed steel with different compositions. In order to meet the requirements of advanced heat treatment technology, various types of steel have been studied from smelting. The improvement of these steels and related technology has greatly improved the performance and processing productivity of auto parts.

The chemical composition and hardenability of steel are the key factors to obtain the best heat treatment effect for auto parts. In order to obtain high-quality small-modulus gears in automotive products, it is necessary to carefully control the surface and core hardness of the gears. The development of direct heat treatment of steel, as well as the development of oxygen steelmaking furnace technology, continuous casting and rolling technology and other steelmaking technologies, have improved the selection of key points for precise control of chemical items. Microstructure control, reliability, application, size, reduce carburizing time. Hardenability, carbon potential, high performance of mixed heat treatment of quenching medium, composite heat treatment, furnace design can be economical and effective, heat source and load basin, insulation materials for the production of a variety of products, gas generated in the furnace body, furnace body size, linear mechanism Atmosphere control carburizing time is reduced, furnace body, carbon irrigation, maximum residual stress, carbon potential, carbon in steel, basic atmosphere carbon gradient, best quenching nitrogen, vacuum, plasma quenching technology, small deformation, quenching orange, fixture Structure, maximum residual stress, effective quenching cooling rate of quenching medium and carbon gradient fixture, use of temperature and quenching rate mixing technology heat energy, thermochemical reaction anti-rust surface film formation.

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