How to solve the sensor system failure

If the signal from each input sensor or switch indicates that the engine cooling water temperature is lower than 24C, or the following situations occur, such as the throttle valve is suddenly opening and closing or even completely closed, the atmospheric pressure is lower than 66.66kPa, the car is braking, When the car is downshifting from fourth gear to second gear and upshifting from second gear to third gear, the lock-up clutch will not be locked.

In addition, because the failure of the input device (such as a sensor or switch) will endanger the function of the electronic control system, the system will automatically switch to the failure mode control state when an input sensor or switch fails. The lock of the lock release has occurred.

Similar to Chrysler’s approach, when the engine cooling water temperature rises above the prescribed lower limit (24°C), the throttle position sensor and the vehicle speed sensor will become the key input devices that determine whether the lock-up clutch is locked or not. At this time, the electronic control unit will make its control decision based on the two sets of throttle openings as a function of the vehicle speed curve.

If the car is driving in third gear, when the throttle opening is small, the lock-up clutch of the torque converter can be locked when the vehicle speed is only 43km/h: when the throttle opening is large, unless the driving speed is as high as 89km /h, otherwise the lock will not occur. When the car is running in fourth gear, if the throttle opening is small, the speed at which the lock-up clutch is locked is 56km/h; and when the throttle opening is large, unless the vehicle speed reaches 89km/h, it will lock. Will not happen. In addition, in the third gear state, the throttle opening corresponding to the lockup of the torque converter lock-up clutch is greater than 8% but less than 59% from the hot idle position: while in the fourth gear state, this The throttle opening is changed to greater than 5% and less than 45%. There is also a lock-up hysteresis zone.

Generally speaking, the conditions required for locking to occur are that the throttle opening is small and the vehicle speed is high. Once it has been locked, in order to improve the driving performance of the car, a larger one should be allowed before the lock is released. Throttle opening and lower vehicle speed appear.

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