Approximate dry machining benefits from minimal lubrication

With the continuous development and technological progress in the field of metal processing, the concept of green processing has become more and more popular. The traditional lubrication cooling method using cutting fluid is gradually replaced by dry cutting technology. Because dry cutting also has defects for machining, it makes the machining quality drop and the cutting tool wears faster. Micro-lubrication technology emerged at the historic moment. The application of micro-lubrication technology improves the quality of machined parts and reduces tool wear. To a large extent, it solves the impact of dry cutting and will gradually become a technology that is compatible with dry cutting. The application of micro-lubrication technology will gradually replace the cooling and lubricating effects of cutting fluid.

The application of oil mist micro-lubrication technology can solve the lack of dry cutting without lubrication, improve the surface quality of processed workpieces under dry cutting conditions, reduce the wear of cutting tools, and extend the service life.

During metal processing, cooling and lubrication is an important aspect related to product accuracy and quality. While the same product quality can be achieved, the overall processing cost should be reduced as much as possible, and the production efficiency should be improved. For the processing of small-sized parts, the parts themselves have good heat dissipation, and the spraying method using a large amount of cutting fluid is undoubtedly a waste of energy. The application of micro-lubrication technology is to provide the amount of lubrication as needed, avoiding the waste of over-lubrication, and achieving controllable and reduced costs.

However, with the increase in environmental protection requirements of industrial enterprises, the impact of the lubrication method of pouring cutting oil on the environment and human health has been paid more and more attention. At the same time, the cost of using cutting oil and the treatment of waste liquid are not small for enterprises. Expenditures also virtually affect the competitiveness of enterprises.

Doppelt adapts to the trend of green development in the machinery industry, and continuously introduces micro-lubrication products that meet the needs of various machining processes. The application of micro-lubrication technology in metal processing will bring more benefits to enterprises. We are willing to welcome the green with you. Revolution of manufacturing.

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