Pay attention to antifreeze and tires in car maintenance in autumn and winter

It has become cold in a blink of an eye today. People are more likely to catch colds and get sick during the season. The same is true for cars. If you don’t take care of them well, you are also prone to problems of this or that kind. Do you know how to maintain your car during the season?
The face of a car, the face of a person, and the maintenance of a car is very important. However, during the interview, the reporter found that many car owners would hand over all their cars to the 4S shop for maintenance, and other drivers would only perform some simple inspections on the car. As for the temperature drop, what should the car do? Everyone can think of replacing the antifreeze, but it's just two words—I don't understand.
Antifreeze is a coolant with antifreeze function, which can prevent the coolant from freezing during winter parking, expanding the radiator and freezing the engine block. Wang Shiguo reminded that two colors of antifreeze cannot be mixed, let alone use water instead of antifreeze. Moreover, the service life of antifreeze is generally two years, and it must be replaced when it expires, otherwise it will cause corrosion to the vehicle’s engine and water tank. In addition, as the temperature drops, the rubber of the tires tends to become hard and brittle, and there may be air leaks or even tire punctures, so you should always check the tires of your car.
Antifreeze and tires are all ready, can you drive on the road, don't worry, don't forget to warm up the car before leaving the car.
At this time, the vehicle has not reached the optimal state, so the speed should be kept below 50 kilometers per hour. When the water temperature gauge reaches about 90 degrees normally and the engine speed is between 500 and 800 rpm, we can drive normally.

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