Qualitative Analysis of Comparing Heat Dissipation of Radiator with Engine Heat Dissipation

Calculated according to the results of the radiator performance test, it can be calculated from the engine parameters, so the installation efficiency of each basic car model can be calculated. When designing an improved design or a modified car design, the cooling constant can be calculated with a known tool. The installation efficiency is obtained from the test, which is closer to the actual situation, while the cooling constant can be directly calculated and compared with the test result. This can quantitatively analyze the cooling capacity of the cooling system, replacing the previous qualitative analysis that approximates the comparison between the heat dissipation of the radiator and the heat dissipation of the engine. To this end, a cooling performance calculation program was compiled, as an example, to illustrate the calculation method of L cooling performance, and compare it with the test results.

Cooling system design calculation and test comparison example In the design of the rear passenger car, the above-mentioned arrangement is adopted. In the calculation, it has the same engine and similar engine system arrangement. Therefore, the installation efficiency can be calculated first according to the results of the cooling performance test, and the cooling constant can be calculated by quoting it in the design one calculation. The cooling performance test is carried out on the drum test bench, and the calculation result and the cooling performance test comparison table are compared to the cooling performance calculation and the test result. :The calculated value of the lJ constant l test value of the rotational speed ambient temperature cooling is compared with the test results, which shows that the new cooling performance calculation method is closer to the test value, which more truly reflects the cooling performance, and can be used in future cooling system design widely used.

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