How to manage the confusion of production management in the workshop of machine processing plant

One of the reasons for the chaotic production management in the workshop of the machine cnc machining shop is that the production work lacks the necessary system support, and there is no certain standard to regulate the product sales, sales plan and production plan, production plan and material plan, production plan and production dispatch work, and At a deeper level, the problem lies in the production operation process itself. The production management department has deviated from the function of the command center and operation hub, and has become a subsidiary unit of the production department. This is the source of the above chaos.

Therefore, establishing a production management system that is both scientific and suitable for the actual situation of the enterprise, standardizing work responsibilities and specific work procedures has become the key to solving the above chaos, so how can we make a good production plan?

1. Standardize production management system

Many factories generally have production disorder and production instability. The main problem is that the factory has not established an operational production management system, and the production command center has insufficient control and randomness. As the scale of the enterprise grows, it will become more chaotic. , And even form the dilemma of bad habits. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the system construction. From the sales department to the production department, establish a sound management system, standardize and restrict everyone's behavior, and finally establish a good production order and eliminate chaos. These are good production Management and standardization of the basis of production planning.

2. Capacity load analysis

Insufficient capacity analysis and understanding, the "production schedule" drawn up based on experience is often inconsistent with the actual implementation status, the "production schedule" is difficult to implement, and production management cannot perform its due function. These require the production management personnel of the company to start from the product category , The production machining process and the equipment used in each process to comprehensively consider the production capacity.

Comparing the existing machinery and equipment load and production tasks, and knowing that the capacity is over or under, the capacity can be adjusted in the long-term or in the short-term.

3. Balance sales plan and production plan

According to the relationship between production and sales, it can be divided into inventory production and order-to-manufacture enterprises. The former emphasizes production according to established plans. The sales department makes sales estimates based on products, market conditions and sales methods, and sets the minimum finished product inventory accordingly. , To carry out serial production; and the latter is to arrange production after receiving customer orders.

4. Schedule (make-to-order type)

  • 1. Schedule, plan a schedule for the entire machining process from the sales department receiving the order to the production department completing the production and shipping. The production-to-order schedule usually uses the reverse scheduling method, that is, after the shipment date is determined, the production plan, material plan, and purchase plan are carefully arranged.
  • 2. For the speed of delivery, people tend to focus on the production department. In fact, the production time is only a part of the total time. The production time is the most difficult to compress. We should start from the product design time, purchase time, Try to shorten the delivery time and other aspects, design products, purchase materials, and produce products that interact and complement each other. For products with high market demand and long life cycles, inventory production can be used. For products with low demand and short life cycle, make-to-order production can be adopted.

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