The heat dissipation effect of the radiator has a great influence.

 The easier way to check the frame is to use the frame gauge. The frame gauge is actually a set of observation needles. During inspection, hang the frame gauges at several different positions on the frame. When using, the three gauges must be used at the same time. The more gauges, the more accurate. If the frame is not deformed, the side needles of the frame gauges should be aligned during the inspection. If the observation needles are not aligned, it means the frame has been deformed. Plate steel plates between the tools as shown in the figure to avoid local stress and deformation. If the frame is accurately inspected, you can use a plumb hammer to draw the frame on the floor. This work must be very precise. The floor must be level and clean. If necessary, paste or nail paper on the floor, and use a plumb hammer in the car. The measurement points on the frame are projected on the ground, and then the distance between the points on the ground is measured by pushing the car away, as shown in the figure. If the frame has been deformed, as long as the amount of error is not large, it is still possible to correct it. The method of calibration varies. Some regulations must be calibrated in a cold state, the reason is that heating will weaken the strength of the frame. There are also suggestions for heating and correcting the frame, but the temperature should not exceed the dark red at this time. Hard work at this temperature will reduce the strength of the frame material and cause permanent damage. Especially the components that have undergone heat treatment, pay more attention to it. When heating, the heating area should be minimized, and attention should be paid to slow cooling. So as not to make the material brittle. Usually an oxygen-acetylene flame is used to heat the frame. It is also necessary to use some straightening tools, such as a thick I-shaped beam connecting the I-shaped beam and the frame of the chain to apply pressure to the chain to correct the pressure of the jack, or special topping tools made of screws, etc. The pre-compression should be correctly selected when correcting the frame. Location. And in the frame and correction, if the frame is severely deformed or broken, the frame needs to be replaced.

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